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An Hour to Save Your Life – Series 3 – Episode 4

An Hour to Save Your Life – Series 3 – Episode 4
An hour to save your life - Most recent episode catch up online

Catch up with the most recent episode of An Hour to Save Your Life. Watch from Wednesday, 31 August 2016 at 9pm on BBC 2. Available to watch online on BBC iPlayer.

This is the third series of this no-frills documentary and it again returns with typical drama, and lots of casualty gore.

It’s easy to make comparisons with Channel 4’s A&E documentary 24 Hours in A&E, but it is in fact a very different (and equally watchable) program.

What’s gripping here is the life-or-death detective work done by emergency doctors, who must act fast, and under unimaginable pressure from once the arrive on the scene to the immediate admittance to A&E. Its gripping stuff!

Program Schedule: 9pm – 10pm



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