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The Hollow Crown – Series 2 – Episode 3

The Hollow Crown – Episode 3

The Hollow Crown - Most recent episode catch up online

Catch up with the most recent episode of The Hollow Crown. From Saturday, 14 May 2016 at 9pm on BBC 2. Available to watch free, online here on BBC iPlayer.

The critically acclaimed adaptation of Shakespeare’s historical plays returns, with three more star-studded films covering the events of Henry VI Parts One, Two and Three, and Richard III, all of which deal with events surrounding the bloody civil conflict known as the War of the Roses. In the midst of the Hundred Years War, as English forces seek to conquer France, the charismatic King Henry V dies, leaving his infant son to take the crown. Seventeen years later, the realm is under the protection of the Duke of Gloucester and the teenage Henry VI. However, bitter defeat in France cause unrest in Henry’s court, as the young monarch seeks to mitigate his losses by marrying the formidable Margaret of Anjou, whose introduction as the new queen only exacerbates already escalating quarrels. Amid the turmoil, the ambitious noble Plantagenet learns of his own strong claim to the English crown, sowing the seeds of conflict between the houses of York and Lancaster.

Program Schedule: 9pm – 11.05pm

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