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Hollyoaks – 23 July 2015

Hollyoaks - 23 July 2015 Catch up

Catch up with the most recent episode of Hollyoaks from Thursday, 23 July 2015 at 6.30pm. Available to watch online on Channel 4, E4+1 and All 4 now.

Peri doesn’t want to accept Frankie’s cheque. Leela seeks a one to one with Frankie, and Tom takes Leela’s and Peri’s side. Frankie brings Angela, Mark, Tom, Peri and Leela back together for a reunion and Peri and Tom accept The Browns as adoptive parents. They are breathe a sigh of relief, apart from Tom who gets out a photo of the baby scan, fighting back the emotional heart break.
Pete reels Cleo in again, while Porsche and Harry realise Cleo is nowhere to be seen. Cleo arrives at The Dog with Pete – it’s obvious Cleo has given in to the demands of Pete. Later, Cleo tells Pete she’s got plans with Harry but while the rest of the McQueens go for a Chinese, Pete goes back to Cleo.
Lockie gets caught kissing Porsche in his van but on a second look realises it’s actually Mercedes.
Tegan feels anxious around Diane. Scott calls Tegan asking her to come round and lake care of Rose, but the ‘emergency’ is that he has a date with a Beefcake Boy. Tegan takes a snap of her daughter and sends it to Diane to cheer her up.


Program Schedule: 6:30pm – 7pm

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