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How to Get a Council House – Series 3 – Episode 3

How to Get a Council House - Series 3 - Episode 3 Catch up

Catch up with the latest episode of How to get a council house, series 3 episode 3, at 9pm on Channel 4 and E4+1, All 4. Last in the series.

Charlotte and Richard couldnt pay the rent in a shared house when their housemate left the property and left them high and dry to pay the full cost by themselves. It wasn’t long before the landlord handed them their notice. They decided to go to Portsmouth council in search for help with finding a council house. A Romanian labourer called Florin, his wife Cosmina and their two daughters cohabit in one room in shared accommodation with no basic ammenities, central heating nor hot water. And a lady called Jane has accrued £2,000 of rent arrears and is facing eviction from her council house, the ultimatum is to move into a smaller, cheaper house, or be thrown out.


Program Schedule: 9pm – 10pm

Channel 4

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