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New Tricks – Series 12 – Episode 8

New TricksSERIES 12 - 8. LOTTERY CURSE Catch up

Follow the latest episode of New Tricks, Series 12, episode 8 on catch up. First shown Tuesday 22 September 2015 at 9pm.

A skeleton uncovered in the foundations of a swimming pool is identified as Cheryl – a young, pretty lottery winner reported missing 17 years ago. UCOS’ prime suspects are her quiz teammates, who won their┬álucky windfall as part of a syndicate. But while some have put their money to good use, the victim’s boyfriend has fallen on hard times, and the media remain convinced he is the prime suspect in her murder.

As allegations of affairs, fights and betrayal begin to surface, the team are left to ponder whether money really is the root of all evil.

Sasha is set for a night in studying, but the boys have different plans and plot to set her up with Fiona’s colleague Adam.


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