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Ripper Street – Series 3 – Episode 7

Ripper street - Series 3 episode 7 catch up

Catch up with the most recent episode of Ripper Street from Friday, 11 September 2015 at 9pm on BBC One. Available on catch up on BBC iplayer.

S03E07 – Live Free, Live True.
The murder of a chemist leads the team into the shadowy underworld of illegal backstreet abortionists. Frayn believes there is more she and Long Susan could do to help these women, but Susan has problems of her own as a business venture seems on the brink of ruin – and she may well be pregnant herself with Jackson’s child. Meanwhile, Reid remains in Whitechapel happy to indulge Mathilda’s desire to stay, but has an instinctive sense that he has unfinished business to attend to.

Program Schedule: 9pm – 10pm


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