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Supershoppers Special – 29 June 2016

Secrets of Online Shopping: Supershoppers Special
Supershoppers Catch up

Follow the most recent episode of a Supershoppers Special, the consumer advice programme. Online on catch up with Channel 4, E4+1 and All 4. From Wednesday 29 June 2016 at 8pm.

Andi Osho and Anna Richardson go behind the scenes of the internet retail revolution. They assess how shopping websites tempt people to buy more and how much online delivery really costs. From Amazon to Asda, and John Lewis to Just Eat, the Supershoppers reveal some surprising results. Through a series of shopping diaries, internet addicts reveal their insights and tips into the world of online shopping. The programme shows us the tricks of the trade with branding and marketing which the companies use to try and fool the consumer and so much more!
It’s a great programme all round and even if you don’t follow the advice, it’s still an excellent informative series well worth watching.

Program Schedule: 8pm – 9pm

Channel 4 

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