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The Grand Tour – Jeremy Clarkson – Amazon Prime

The Grand Tour – Season 1 – Episode 1

Yes! It’s the moment we have all been waiting for. The long awaited, bank-breaking, automobile car show “The Grand Tour”, exclusive to¬†Amazon Prime.

Follow Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond as they come together once again to provide viewers with an original, $160 million dollar, budget-breaking series. The programme crosses the globe to deliver each of its 36 separate instalments.

There is no doubt that the former Top Gear presenters along with all their sarcastic banter, and automobile expertise give Amazon Prime value for money. Talking of money, approximately $4.6 million per episode, the opening pre-credits to episode one cost them $3 million alone!

The series offers viewers a completely different location, audience, and a spectacular adventure for each episode.

Exclusive to Amazon Prime, the series can be watched free of charge for new customers, who sign up and take advantage of the Amazon Prime free 30-day trial .

For all hardcore Top Gear fans, you’d be forgiven for having the strange feeling of familiarity. The stage set up, albeit a mobile tent, is uncannily…the same as before. Rather brilliantly, and adding lemon juice to the open cut of the BBC, the series provides hard hitting car reviews. A vast collections of some of the world’s most stunning vehicles are tested to their limits on a devilish test track named the “Ebola-drome”.

Somehow, the show is just bigger, ballsier and better overall.

Viewers wont be disappointed. Amazon Prime will surely make their money back – and some, as the world becomes great again. All hail the return of damn good telly!

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