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The Secret Life of the Zoo – Series 2 – Episode 1

The Secret Life of the Zoo – Series 2 – New Series!

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Catch up here with the most recent episode of The Secret Life of the Zoo. Available on channel 4 at 8pm on Thursday, 17 November 2016. Catch up here with E4+1 and All 4.

Series 2, episode 1.
Observational documentary series capturing, in incredible detail, the remarkable behaviour of the animals at Chester Zoo, and their relationships with their keepers.

The new series, produced by Blast! Films and commissioned for Channel 4 by Anna Miralis, will use the same micro-rig technique to capture the remarkable behaviour of some of the world’s most endangered animals and their relationship with the keepers.

The first series was a hit for the channel, averaging 2.7 million viewers every episode.

The second series will follow amazing new stories – from the mating of rare bears to observing the night-time behaviour of elephants – as well as finding out what’s become of babies born in the last series, such as infant elephant Nandita.

The new six-part series will also include a Christmas special.

Program Schedule: 8pm – 9pm

Channel 4

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