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The X Files – Series 10 – Episode 6

The X Files – Series 10 – Episode 6

The X Files - Catch up online

Catch up with the most recent episode of The X Files. From day, 07 March 2016 at 9pm on Channel 5. Available to watch free, online here on Demand 5.

The sci-fi mystery drama, The X Files, returns with a brand new series. Former FBI agents Mulder and Scully are reunited on a temporary basis by cable TV host Tad O’Malley. He wants their help to expose a sinister organisation that he believes is using inexplicable powers to control the American population. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny star.

First broadcast in 1993, the series became an instant hit in the UK and the first episode of this series revival has raked in more than 16 million viewers in the USA. Let’s see if it has the same effect in the UK.

Programme Schedule: 9pm – 10pm
Channel 5

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